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Budget skincare item

Starting off as a makeup artist is pricey enough, so here are my top 5 budget skincare items I believe will help you get started!

  1. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

Budget skincare items

This hydrating creme is the perfect base for applying under makeup. It’s non-sticky, the skin absorbs it really fast and suitable for every skin type. It’s a real staple in my makeup kit. If I want a dewy look I just apply a thick layer before applying makeup. I even use it to thin out concealer or foundations. A must-have basic hydrating cream you can use for basically anything. And the best part: It’s budget friendly!

Get it here:
for the dutchies:
 Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre 75 ml


Budget skincare item

Working as a makeup artist you have to re-apply makeup to change a look or to simply correct mistakes. Having a light makeup remover that leaves no oil on the skin and dries up quickly is a must. Micellar water is perfect for removing makeup. There are tons of different brands who sell micellar water, but my favorite is the one from Garnier. It removes makeup so effortlessly and leaves no traces on the skin. And of course, it’s budget friendly!

TIP: Most of the times I buy these in bulk and depot them in smaller containers for my makeup kit. 


Budget skincare item

You probably heard this before, but yes, it’s truly a must-have for everyone. This creme acts like a lip butter, a hydrating creme for your skin, as a lipgloss, as a highlighter and even an eye gloss. As a makeup artist, you don’t need tons of products that just have one purpose. Just throw this eight-hour creme in your makeup bag and your good to go. The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Creme isn’t that budget-friendly, but having its multiple purposes I highly recommend it.

TIP: I always get this with a discount at my local drugstore. I have a small tube which lasts me for a long time!


Budget skincare item

This is a make-up item as much as it’s a skincare product. If you’re familiar with the MAC Strobe Cream you’ll know the consistency feels like a hydrating cream. It’s a multiple use item, and definitely a staple in my professional makeup kit. You can use this cream as a hydrating, glowing primer or as a highlight on top of the foundation. The cream has this dewy, gloss-like finish to it what makes it perfect for photo shoots. I like to mix this with a body lotion for an overall glow or mix it with foundation. There al literally no limits with this product!


Budget skincare item

Now this one isn’t really a beauty product, but you need this for using al the above-listed products. Hygiene is key as a makeup artist, so using disposables really helps working clean and quickly. I ordered mine online, where you can buy them in bulk for a couple of bucks. They’ve got disposable mascara wands, eyeliner brushes, and lipgloss brushes. I even use the eyeliner brushes to correct small mistakes with some micellar water. And because you need to store these wands, I went to my local hardware store and got a storage container for screws and nails. I also store my cotton wands/buds in there!

Get it here:
Disposable Mascara Wands
Disposable Lip Wands
Disposable Eyeliner Wands

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